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This is a list of the programs we use in our publishing business to create books from manuscripts, to generate cover art, and to create pages for this website.
The tools listed on this page are available in open-source form, usually at no cost.  Links to where they may be downloaded are provided as a reference.  None of these programs are owned or developed by SPG.  The authors of these programs welcome donations to fund the continued development of these tools and additional programs.

A suite of programs for creating documents, spreadsheets and presentations similar to office application suites available elsewhere.
The GNU Image Manipulation Program.  Draw, retouch, collage, distort, enhance, format and convert drawings and photos.
Create complex images in a form compatible with color printing presses. or
Generate electronic-book files from manuscript files.
Web-page creation and maintenance software.

We also use a number of Linux command-line tools such as ps2pdf, pdftops, barcode, psbook, pdftk and psnup during manuscript preparation.
Get Ubuntu for your computer
We use OpenSUSE, Fedora, and other Linux distributions on our computers, but recommend Ubuntu Linux for its stability.

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