Suggested links to selected internet URLs

The January Novel Writing Month (JanNoWriMo) community page
This is a website that each January brings together novice writers each attempting to write their own novel in 31 days.  You will not find the novels printed there, but you can witness the frustration and angst as these intrepid scribes blog about laboring under a withering deadline.

Kindle Direct Publishing
This is a website where authors and publishers can submit press-ready book files and have those files converted to a format compatible with Amazon's Kindle™ electronic book reader, as well as have the resulting e-book placed on sale at

A business known as BookSurge before being acquired by Amazon, prints on demand and sells softcover books.  Books published by CreateSpace are made available on the Amazon website as well as the CreateSpace webstore.
A print-on-demand (POD) service, for self-published hardbound books and ePub-format electronic books sold through Kobo, Apple, Barnes and Noble and their own webstore. 

SleighFarm Publishing Group store at Lulu
This is a catalog of the hardcover editions and EPUB files we offer through Lulu.   You will find deep links into the Lulu store for individual titles elsewhere on the website you are reading now.

Ann Lister Publications
Our most prolific client, romance author Ann Lister has her own website where autographed copies of her books are available for purchase.  You can also see photos from her book signings, read excerpts of upcoming titles and find out where she will be appearing.

Lara O'Brien website
One of our new clients, Lara O'Brien has written a novel for the youth market.  Her website includes more information about the book and Lara.

Link to Tools
We welcome industrious souls that would like to offer services similar to ours.  On this page you'll find information about the programs we use to create the products we publish.  We do not sell any of the programs which are all available at no cost on the internet.

Amy Reece's website
Amy Reece is a novelist whose first novel is a treat for both adults born in the 1950's and children today.  Her website has additional details on the books she has published.
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