SleighFarm Publishing Group Corporate History

1980's  - S. Leigh Farmer writes numerous fantasy, romance and erotic short stories, sharing the typewritten manuscripts only with close friends and tolerant family members.
1991    - An acquaintance demonstrates personal computers, networking, and the Usenet bulletin boards, in particular the erotic stories newsgroup to Farmer.
1993    - Farmer reluctantly agrees to submit a story to a newsgroup, but postpones repeatedly as the story is refined, edited and enhanced.
1995    -
SleighFarm Productions created by a tightknit group of friends to review/edit Farmer's stories and to provide moral support to the author.  Farmer's first story written specifically for a network audience is posted to a newsgroup.
1996    - Additional stories are released on the web as worldwide community discovers the internet.
1997    - SleighFarm Productions releases what would prove to be its final web erotica.  Network erotic fiction begins its decline amid a flurry of mindless smut.
2000    -
Farmer withdraws socially and ceases writing.  Team disbands after losing contact with Farmer, now presumed deceased.
2001    - Surviving members of original team re-unite to begin a publishing venture.  Unanimously decide to name company after their inspiration.
2006    -
After several false starts and reshuffling of personnel the team embarks on a word-of-mouth recruiting drive.
2007    - Team assists new authors in return for recommendations in an attempt to build business without a network presence.
2008    - Manuscripts for first products are accepted.  Team designs cover art and book interiors for clients.
2009    - First book product is released:   From This Moment by Franklyn Sledd.
2010    - Additional products are released and new authors discover SPG.  SPG corporate website is created.

It is not a house, but close