Our Submission Guidelines

We accept text manuscripts and book pitch proposals written in English only.  We accept manuscripts in paper and electronic file formats including .txt, .rtf, .wps, .doc, .odt, and .pdf.  If your chosen file format is not in that list, contact us for instructions before submission.   SleighFarm Publishing Group recommends authors use LibreOffice as a manuscript editor for electronic copies.  The LibreOffice productivity suite may be downloaded at no cost here..  Typewritten or handwritten manuscripts may be transmitted by fax or copies of the originals physically shipped to us, however SleighFarm Publishing Group is not responsible for loss or damage of printed manuscripts so please do not ship your original or sole copy of a printed manuscript to us.

SleighFarm Publishing Group does not accept artwork depicting nudity, nor manuscripts containing overt violence or illegal sexual practices.  We reserve the right to reject materials containing descriptions of bodily functions and extreme fetishes such as - but not limited to - coprophilia, necrophilia, or urolagnia.

All manuscript and book pitch submissions must contain the proposed title or working title, author's name and a copyright notice in this form:
      by Author Name
      Copyright (C) 2011 by Author Name.  All rights reserved.
in the first few lines of the text of the manuscript or pitch proposal.  A copyright notice simlar to the third line of the example may be included in artwork file metadata or in a watermark for artwork submitted for review rather than publication.  Obviously, the year of copyright should reflect the date the manuscript was written, and the author/artist name should be the name of the author (actual name or pen name) or artist who created the submission.  Inclusion of a copyright notice is to protect the author or artist, should that person have concerns we might inappropriately use, distribute, or otherwise misappropriate their work.

Submissions should not contain works copyrighted by others in whole or part (for example song lyrics, copyrighted documents or books, reproduction of artwork, etc.) unless the submitter has a written release bearing the signature of the copyright holder authorizing  submission of the copyrighted works on their behalf.  SleighFarm Publishing Group, at our discretion, may request a faxed copy of the signed release for our records.  Pictorial submissions of recognizeable persons may require a model release signed by those persons appearing in the picture, and photos including trademarked logos or images may also need a signed publication release from the trademark owner.

Regardless of the files submitted to us, press-ready files generated by our service group from author/artist input are produced in Portable Document Format (PDF), and in some cases JPEG.  As mentioned above, we use the LibreOffice productivity suite for editing manuscripts, and will provide manuscript markup files in open document format (ODF, ODT).  E-books generated for publication by us will be in ePub format.  On request we can produce an electronic book version compatible with Amazon.com's electronic book reader.

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